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Award Abstract #9550765

AMP: Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LAMP)

Division Of Human Resource Development
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Initial Amendment Date: August 31, 1995
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Latest Amendment Date: October 2, 2003
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Award Number: 9550765
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Award Instrument: Cooperative Agreement
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Program Manager: Dr. A. James Hicks
HRD Division Of Human Resource Development
EHR Direct For Education and Human Resources
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Start Date: November 1, 1995
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End Date: September 30, 2003 (Estimated)
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Awarded Amount to Date: $5,944,914.00
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Investigator(s): Diola Bagayoko bagayoko@aol.com (Principal Investigator)
Robert Ford (Former Principal Investigator)
Milton Slaughter (Former Co-Principal Investigator)
Diola Bagayoko (Former Co-Principal Investigator)
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Sponsor: Louisiana Board of Regents
1201 N. Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5243 (225)342-4253
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Program Reference Code(s): 9133, 9177, 9178, SMET
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Program Element Code(s): 1547, 9133, 9199


9550765 Ford The Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LAMP) is a comprehensive statewide coordinated program aimed at substantially increasing the number and quality of minority students earning baccalaureate degrees in science, engineering and mathematics (SEM) areas. In the long term, the program design will lead to significant increase in minority SEM graduate enrollment in U.S. graduate schools. It is estimated that Louisiana institutions will increase to 500, the minority undergraduate SEM enrollment, while increasing graduate enrollment nationally to 100, by 1999. LAMP strategy centers on enhancing and coordinating existing SEM pipeline activities at Louisiana institutions, supporting undergraduate student research activities and introducing strategic statewide and regional academic and research activities to promote networking and technology exchanges. The LAMP implementation would continue the expansion of the State's SEM infrastructure and join the several systemic initiatives and EPSCoR programs coordinated through the Louisiana Board of Regents. Twelve institutions initially will manage a variety of campus-based programs and participate in several statewide and regional projects. Southern University and A&M College, the LAMP lead institution is an 1890 Land Grant university with a nationally recognized systemic model for physics education and is slated, under a recently court approved settlement agreement, to develop doctorate degree programs in Science and Mathematics Education, Material Science, Biomedical Sciences and in Administration and Information Systems over the next 10 years. Southern University System, parent organization to Souther University campuses in the major metropolitan areas of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport, enrolls more than 36% of all African American college undergraduates in the State of Louisiana. Southern University and A&M College will provide management leadership to array of campus coordina ted minority participation enhancement activities around the State. Grambling State University, the fourth public Louisiana HBCU, as well as private Xavier University and Dillard University, both of New Orleans will be active LAMP participating institutions. RCMS projects at grambling State University, Southern University and A&M College, Xavier University and the University of New Orleans will collaborate with LAMP and serve as models for transporting to other Louisiana institutions. Louisiana State University, Tulane University, of Southwestern Louisiana, University of New Orleans and Southern University and A&M College will manage programs at the undergraduate/graduate interface and harness the projects of increased SEM undergraduate degree production. These impressive projections are conservative in view of a recent higher education desegregation settlement agreement pledging substantial state resources to expedite the movement of state HBCU institutions toward comprehensive graduate status through establishment of new graduate programs, fund other race recruitment and scholarships, and support articulation among institutions. The plan for expanding diversity on college campuses makes available additional resources to meet the goals of the LAMP, including improved facilities, increased student support and enhanced faculty/mentor support systems. Establishing LAMP closes a critical gap in the nation's SEM pipeline. Implementation of the LAMP moves the nation substantially toward its goal of awarding 50,000 undergraduate degrees and 2,000 doctorate degrees annually by 2000. Louisiana relatively large African-American population puts the State in a unique position to make significant contributions to the nations goal of increased minority participation in the SEM enterprise. the timing of this application makes it possible for unprecedented federal/state synergism to result in substantially increased resources and program development activities consis tent with NSF AMP goals.


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