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Some nice sites (others exist also) are at and At Los Alamos and the University of Maryland, College Park, I got to meet some favorite people like Vern Cottles [knew Vern--two years ahead of him--way back at Columbia in NYC], Harold Agnew (best Los Alamos Director ever), George Zweig (should have shared Nobel Prize in Physics), Hans Bethe, Pete Carruthers, Nick Metropolis (office next to mine, exteremly nice to me), Stan Ulam, Geoff West, Sig Hecker (second best Los Alamos Director ever), Pete Miller (gave me a shot at LANL HBCU Program Manager), Mitch Feigenbaum (smartest guy I have ever met), Carroll Alley, Betty Simes (fantastic assistant...I miss her very much), Jack F. Barnes (when I became a T-Division manager, Jack told me "Them is Us" ), Jim N. Johnson, Chuck Forest, Ben Attencio (San Ildefonso Pueblo), Chuck Mader, Joe Sucher, George Snow (broke me in on the latest and greatest in particle physics), Dave Peaslee, Fred Zachariasen, Francis Harlow, Mike Nieto, Jim Friar, Chuck Zemach (taught me how to be a "diplomat"), Terry Goldman (nicely told me when my "New Orleans" accent when applied to reference names and when prentation length was screwed up), Gene McCall, Gerry Guralnik, Jim Barefield (loves his fishing...I just liked beer and outdoors and watching him fish!), Howard Laster (best Physics Chairmn ever), Ralph Menikoff  (great friend and colleague and grand master of physics and mathematics), and of course my great, defining UMCP postdoc advisor Professor Sadao Oneda (in a favorite watering hole near the UMCP campus , I met with Carroll and Sadao and wound up switching from quantum electronics to non-perturbative particle physics!) and his fantastic family.

Pic (circa 1977) Milt Slaughter in the Elementary Particles and Field Theory Group (T-8) of the Theoretical Division of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now known as Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Pic (circa 1976) Milt Slaughter (postdoc in the Center for Theoretical Physics), Department of Physics of the University of Maryland, College Park

I and my good friend and colleague Ralph Menikoff going over some really nice results.

My Boss (Group Leader Chuck Mader) let me do "my thing" after T-14 business was concluded.

First Year (Group MP-4) in the Clinton P. Anderson Meson Physics Facility of Los Alamos National Laboratory of the University of California

Information at a glance on Milt Slaughter

IAEA International Expert

UPDATE: Status of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM (PDF, November 1, 2017)-Sample Program Solution Outline for an University Organizational Unit (UOU)

American Physical Society Forum on Education: General Member-at-Large and Executive Committee Member and Officer

Chairman (2009-Present)/Member, Edward Bouchet Abdus Salam Institute (EBASI) of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) [Founding Member appointed 1988 by Nobel Laureate Prof. Abdus Salam; ICTP Founding Director]

Chair and Member of the American Physical Society Committee on Minorities in Physics

Fellow, American Physical Society

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Reflections in Diversity: Increasing Minority Participation in University STEM Programs. Optics & Photonics News, 05 December 2014

(Archived Web Site—Milton D. Slaughter, Principal Investigator)
Next Step 2000 Program: The University of New Orleans component of the State-wide Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation Program
(Milton D. Slaughter, Principal Investigator with other Co-PIs).