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Dr. Milton Dean Slaughter

Dr. Milton D. Slaughter

Affiliate Professor of Physics, Department of Physics,
Florida International University, Miami, Florida.
(Currently in Pasadena, CA)

My main research, teaching, administrative, and service interests are wide-ranging and include elementary particle theory and phenomenology, nuclear physics, intense field quantum optics, deflagration to detonation theory, shock wave physics and dimensional analysis, environmental and biological nanoscience, computational science, and their applications to “real-world” problems of interest.  Concomitant undergraduate and graduate instruction are in subjects such as thermodynamics, modern physics, vector and tensor analysis, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Developing innovative and useful programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics  (STEM), and nurturing the creation of  synergistic, pragmatic, and effective scientific and technical collaborations among physical scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians from America and Europe and “Developing World” countries are areas of very high interest to me as well .   I am a Fellow of the American Physical Society and my citation reads as follows: “For creating effective programs that attract and educate minority and female physics students and involve historically black colleges and universities in forefront research.”   I am also a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science with citation that reads: "For contributions to non-perturbative elementary particle and nuclear physics, and for the creation of effective educational programs involving minority and female STEM students.

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Radiative Decays and the SU(6) Lie Algebra
(, Cornell University, 39 pages) Milton Dean Slaughter.
International Journal of Modern Physics A, Vol. 34, No. 21, 1950108 (2019). (51 pages). World Scientific Publishing Company.

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